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Our company was established in 2002, specialising in the distribution of products for fast-food catering and keeping in mind eastern cuisine with the use of quality food products. The company is now a consolidated presence throughout Italy, distributing food products in Italy and France. In 2001 our first Chicken N Chicken fast-food restaurant was opened in the suggestive town of Sanremo where, thanks to the encounter between Italian and Pakistani cooks, a recipe based on oriental spices amalgamated with the tastes of European cuisine was created. Thanks to this encounter, a secret recipe made up of a mixture of oriental spices was perfected for marinating and coating with breadcrumbs our exquisite chicken-based foods cooked by means of a pressure technique that retains the original flavour, contributing towards a healthy and light diet. This new way of cooking led within a short time to a high number of presences in our restaurants, to which more and more customers return all the time.

One year after opening our first fast-food restaurant and finding that our accounting records indicated an excellent profitability, in 2013 we decided to open fast-food restaurants in both Italy and France under the franchising system.

We currently have ten fast-food restaurants, of which two in Nice (France), and the others in Italy in the towns of Sanremo, Bordighera, Leghorn, Turin, Genoa and Sottomarina and two in La Spezia. For 2015 contracts have already been signed for opening 6 new restaurants, one each in Turin, Vicenza and Erba (province of Como), two in Milan and the third French one again in Nice, for a total, within March 2015, of 16 fast-food restaurants.


The secret of the success of our restaurants is in the franchising system.

There are three important reasons why our restaurants serve an increasing number of customers. The first is definitely the unique flavours of our menus, that differ from all current restaurant foods. Indeed, many customers return to our restaurants after trying our menus for the first time.

The second is that we sell quality products at low prices, as required by our customers. Thanks to the strength of our purchasing group, we are able to buy quality products at low prices.
The chickens, being the main food on our menus, are produced in Italy and arrive fresh every morning. This shows our commitment towards processing of quality products that, combined with our recipes, enables us to serve dishes featuring unique and unmistakeable tastes.
Of course, in order to ensure that our menu is the same at all our restaurants, the firms affiliated with us and their employees attend courses of specialisation at our premises in Sanremo (province of Imperia).

The third is essential, and is our KNOW-HOW.
We place all our experience developed in this field at disposal. This commitment is materialised in the form of circulating the typical know-how of the System through training and the gratuitous loan of the Operations Manual describing the initial organisation of the point of sale, the manner in which customers are to be welcomed and served , preparation of the products using our cooking systems, administrative information, personnel working hours and HACCP, as well as through both written and verbal information concerning the application of the Chicken N Chicken system.

There is no need for experience in this field to open a Chicken N Chicken franchise. All that are required are love and passion for this work, and we will do the rest. Starting from signature of the contract, our whole team will be close at hand to help you throughout all the stages, and as we always say, “one for all … all for Chicken N Chicken”.



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