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The idea underlying the Chicken N Chicken project is the encounter between Indian and oriental tastes and the handiness of Fast-Food. We have devised a large number of delicious recipes, some based on beef and others on chicken, either fried or grilled, at times exotic and spicy, that in some cases blend with the classic hamburger and in others with Italian traditions such as Parmesan cheese. We also pay attention to those who prefer veggies so our menus include both salads and sandwiches with vegetarian fillings. Some of our recipes are made using classic hamburger buns while for others we have used types of bread that provide the basis for the recipe, such as French baguettes, the shell bread of the “Mega Chicken Parmigiano” and naan bread (a traditional staple Pakistani recipe). Each menu is accompanied by a soft drink and by French fries, spicy potatoes or spiral fried potatoes.


We have made a special effort to search for top quality raw materials. We have chosen to use only fresh chicken of Italian origin precisely to be sure that the product is constantly and scrupulously checked and certified throughout each step of the production process. The chickens are fed on a healthy and 100% vegetable diet and raised in free-range conditions in open buildings in which they are able to move about. All our meat (whether chicken or beef) is guaranteed 100 % halal by our reference suppliers, adopting strict specifications to ensure traceability throughout the production chain.
We never use palm oil to frying or marinade our products.

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